Making a Difference

PetPromise is a cat and dog rescue made up of a group of volunteers who care about the future of companion animals and who work together to help change the future of homeless pets.

  • Rescuing strays from the street or from death row at shelters
  • providing pets in our charge with medical care and rehabilitation
  • Guiding placement and adoption of pets into permanent homes
  • Providing spay and neuter services for feral cats
  • Creating community awareness and education
  • Raising capital funds to secure a no-kill sanctuary

Our History

The founders of PetPromise began rescuing and finding homes for stray cats and dogs in 1996. The founders along with a network of other people interested in the welfare of homeless companion animals formed PetPromise in 1999. PetPromise was officially incorporated on February 4, 2000.


Imagine a world where every pet has a loving home. That’s the future PetPromise is working towards.

We’re a non-profit, dedicated to finding forever homes for homeless pets in central Ohio. We believe every animal deserves a second chance, regardless of age, medical condition, or breed. That’s why we rely on a network of caring foster homes to provide temporary love until the perfect match comes along.

Unlike traditional shelters, we don’t euthanize for space. Instead, we focus on education, rescue, sterilization (spaying/neutering), and adoption to break the cycle of pet homelessness.

Fueled by passion and community support, PetPromise relies solely on donations and volunteer efforts. To learn more about our impact and financial transparency, visit us on

Join us in making a difference! Consider fostering, adopting, donating, or volunteering. Together, we can create a brighter future for pets in need.

This version uses stronger verbs and imagery to paint a picture of PetPromise’s mission. It emphasizes their unique approach of fostering pets and their commitment to no-kill practices. It also highlights their reliance on community support and provides a clear call to action.